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Team Connect has one simple goal: to bring the good food that is thrown away to hungry mouths instead of landfills. That is it! The regulation, the government support, and the will —everything is here; all we need is to be more convincing.

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because you deserve to know when, where, and how your contributions bring a difference in someone's life.


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Connect is the first kind of agency in Croatia that actually utilizes the EU laws that were passed in hope of achieveing a more sustainable future. I am very happy with the results and the help out hotel has providedS.


Ryan Gauci

Hotem Manager


I've seen firsthand how the partnership between our local hotel and the charity organization I'm involved with has dramatically improved our community's fight against hunger. Our collaboration doesn't just feed people; it brings hope and paves the way for broader support initiatives that promise to nurture our community's spirit of resilience and solidarity.


Veronika Popovic

Nun and Non-Profit Leader

Core Team

Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Leo Jankovic


Veronika Popovic


Leonila Marac


Ryan Gauci

Joint Secretary

About Us

Our journey at Connect began with a simple yet profound realization: the astonishing amount of food wastage in the hospitality industry. This revelation came to light during a visit to a local hotel, where I was struck by the contrast between the excess food discarded daily and the pressing hunger faced by many in our community. Motivated to bridge this gap, we delved into research and discovered that the European Union offers a unique solution—a tax credit system encouraging hotels and restaurants to donate their surplus food.

Armed with this knowledge, we reached out to individuals deeply engaged in food donation initiatives within our city. This collaborative spirit led us to a pivotal meeting with Ryan Gauci, the esteemed hotel manager of Hilton Costabella. Through constructive dialogue and shared vision, we forged a partnership that marked the beginning of a transformative journey.

Today, Hilton Costabella stands as a beacon of change, regularly channeling surplus food to a local charity center in Rijeka, directly addressing food insecurity and reducing waste. This initial collaboration set a powerful precedent, inspiring other hotels like Ikador Ika and Bonavija Rijeka to join our cause. Each new partner amplifies our impact, extending a chain of solidarity that nourishes our community and embodies our core belief: together, we can turn surplus into support.

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